Cold room calculator

Air cooler units can be found in most cooling and freezing rooms. Air cooler capacities should perfectly match with the specific conditions of each individual cold room. For that reason Alfa LU-VE supplies software to select the best air cooler model for the application. However, prior to air cooler selection a calculation must be made to determine the expected heat load for the cold room. That's what our Cold Room Calculator App is for!

Mobile App for iOS & Android

Rules of thumb or accuracy?

For making cold room calculations refrigeration installers can rely on experience based and widely used ‘rules of thumb’ : 15-20 watt/m3 for a large frozen storage room, 60-70 watt/m3 for a fresh fruit cooling room, etc. Convenient, quick, but not very accurate.

A more accurate method is a detailed cold room calculation using refined calculation formulas in combination with product data tables. This can be done manually or using commercial cold room calculation software. This is relatively time consuming, a computer is required and in addition the software is not for free. And if for instance the room door remains open a little longer than planned, so much for calculation accuracy…

Quick & easy

To offer the market an convenient intermediate solution, Alfa LU-VE offers a quick & easy cold room calculation module in the selection software for Alfa LU-VE heat exchangers. This non-academic software enabled customers to make quick and reliable ‘stand alone’ calculations for a cold/freezing rooms.

Mobile App – for free!

With mobile technology rapidly developing, Alfa LU-VE decided to translate the existing cold room calculation software into a mobile App for smartphones and tablets. This App is available for free in both Apple & Google app stores. The Alfa LU-VE Cold Room Calculator turned out to be a very easy-to-use tool with thousands of satisfied users all over the world. The functionality is fully based on the Alfa LU-VE heat exchanger selection software. The App quickly calculates a reliable cooling capacity for any cold or freezing room.

App specs

Name: Cold Room Calculator
Platform: iOS & Android

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